Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Update

Hi Everyone!

There are some great things happening with the Indelibles this month! Here's a round-up of our latest sales, new releases, and what we're talking about on the blog.

ON SALE from Magan Vernon:

Falling in love doesn't only happen once.

Each standalone in The Only Series is less than a dollar!

The Only Exception - Trey and Monica- (‪#‎FREE‬)
Amazon US:
The Only One- Melanie and John- ( 99 cents)
Amazon US: 
The Only Answer - More Trey and Monica-(99 cents)
Amazon US: 
The Only Way - Tripp and Sam- (pre-order 99 cents)
Barnes and Noble:

ON THE BLOG From L.M. Preston:

For Writers: "Writers Diversify"

"Remember, the more product you are producing, the more opportunities you have to sell."

"In these hard times of a sagging economy (although some people still have money, lol) we have wanted to be inspired, pushed, encouraged by HEROES!"

HOT NEW RELEASE from Susan Kaye Quinn:

HOT NEW RELEASE from RaShelle Workman:


HOT NEW RELEASE from Michelle Muto:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.24.32 PM

HOT NEW RELEASE from Addison Moore:

ON THE BLOG from Katie Klein:

"The one thing we could all agree on, though, 
was that sales were down across the board. For everyone."

"Perfection is impossible to attain. Perfectionism is impossible to maintain."

Enjoy! (And feel free to spread the word!)