Friday, August 7, 2015

August Update

Well, it looks like summer's wrapping up! *sobs* It's pretty quiet this month in terms of news, but safe to say we're all working on that "next big thing." In the meantime, a bit of news on the "new release" front:

From Laura Pauling:

 Holly has a plan to escape the rigid confines of her life her parents have planned for her. She wants to open up a cheesecake shop and live peacefully in a small town. But when her Aunt Lizzie is murdered, Holly's plans are ruined because her aunt was funding her escape.

Out of grief and love and determined to solve the mystery of her aunt's murder, with the help of Muffins, her dog, and her childhood best friend, Teddy, she embarks on a trail of clues that will lead to family secrets she's not sure she ever wanted to know. Especially when the killer notices and she becomes the next target.

Also: Stacey Wallace Benefiel and Magan Vernon both have novels in the Unconditional Anthology! Out August 26th. Sign up to be a part of the blitz here: