Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Make The Leap Into Indie

Do You Seek Out Indie Products?

I do love purchasing Indie books. It is a mixed bag, but I've done it before it was cool to read indie books.

Independent books do have a somewhat easier segway into stardum than some other cool Indie products.

I've been seeking out the following Indie bags of fun.

Indie Music can be found through CDBaby

Indie Video Games Can be found on Steam and on Amazon. Indie game development is booming lately with the mobile game market opening up.

Indie Films can be seen at tons of Independent Film Festivals and are even being funded through crowd funding projects that suck in a large amount of investors.

Indie Books is my favorite category, because in the last few years it's caught on fire. But even before that, I used to purchase Indie books at colleges, Indie bookstores, and off of street vendors.

Have You Purchased Anything Indie Lately? Please share.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April Update

Hi Everyone!

It's that time again (a little late--but better late than never!) Here's what's happening this month:

~Hot New Releases~

From Karen Hooper:

Virtual Arcana: Season One is complete!

From Lee Strauss:

Life is But a Dream is now available!

From GP Ching:

Wired (The Grounded Trilogy, Book 3) is available for pre-order!


Lee Strauss will be signing here:


Alicia Kat Vancil will be exhibiting & 
signing books at KrakenCon April 25 & 26 at table A18

Thanks so much for checking in!